After both parents attend an orientation and before the start of the mediation appointment, the mediator will review with both parents the MFCS Mediation Guidelines, which all participants must sign.

Financial issues, including child support, are not discussed in mediation.

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The Guidelines address State mandates and MFCS policies and procedures regarding:

  • The purpose of mediation
  • Safety
  • Respectful behavior during mediation
  • CPS involvement
  • Confidentiality and exceptions
  • Caucus
  • Termination of mediation by a parent
  • Declaration of impasse by the mediator
  • Information provided to the court
  • Memorandum of Agreement (available within 14 working days)
  • Changes to Memorandum (within 15 days after receiving it)
  • Communications with collateral professionals and attorney
  • Return policies/procedures
  • Mediator’s role is that of a ‘3rd-party neutral’






Restraining Order/
Domestic Abuse Injunction or No Contact Orders

As long as you are with MFCS staff, your appearance together for the orientation session and the mediation appointment does not violate a current Restraining Order/Domestic Abuse Injunction or No Contact Order and orders put in place by Child Protective Services.

These Orders are non-negotiable and cannot be changed in mediation for the purpose of co-parenting and exchanging the child. For these situations, we recommend sharing information about the children through one of these online communication tools:

We also recommend including a third person to assist when exchanging the child.

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