Garlic MustardGarlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is a rapidly seeding European plant sweeping southern Wisconsin. The plant was little known here 2 decades ago. It is reaching high proportions now. Deer and people are constantly spreading the seeds.

This website contains information on garlic mustard control, including dates relative to the seasons and ecology of Rock County, Wisconsin. The dates are for reference only. Always verify events in the field. This site presumes users are aware of garlic mustard and are searching for remedies. Managers that start control methods before or shortly after the onset of invasion may succeed, provided they are committed. Control after inundation becomes difficult. Citizens are advised to carefully study the section on garlic mustard Life Cycle as a prerequisite to control. Detailed knowledge of the life cycle will greatly aid all control methods. Links to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are helpful. Further links to garlic mustard websites are provided also.

Comments and suggestions are welcome at 608-757-5473 (Rock County Parks Community Coordinator).

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