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The Pelishek-Tiffany Nature Trail came into being as a Rock County Park through the hard work of Gerry Pelishek and the Clinton Fencehopper's Snowmobile Club. Through the efforts of Gerry Pelishek, the site was purchased from CMC Real Estate Holding Company (the company that held all the real estate for the bankrupt railroad companies). The land was held until Rock County obtained grants from the DNR Stewardship Program and Snowmobile Grant Program to buy these lands for a linear County Park and Trail.

The Pelishek-Tiffany Nature Trail is an average of 100 feet wide with 194 feet being the widest. The trail is 6 miles long, consisting of 64.3 acres of land and was acquired September 26, 1995. This abandoned railroad grade has snowmobiling in the winter and hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and bird watching in the summer. The trail starts in Clinton or Allens Grove - the railroad never referred to points as beginning or endings, just terminuses.

The Pelishek Nature Trail Foundation recently built a shelter at Farmers Park in Clinton. Farmer's Park is not a Rock County Park, but the park serves as access to the Pelishek-Tiffany Nature Trail. The pavilion is available for celebrations as well as a resting spot with ample parking and the restroom closely located at the trailhead.