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Rock County Board
Meeting Comment - Appearance Request Form

The Rock County Board of Supervisors wishes to hear from members of the public and will be taking 40 minutes of public comment. The public comment period will begin at approximately 6:05 p.m. To accommodate as many members of the public as possible, individual speakers will be limited to two minutes each. Priority will be given to individuals speaking on items on the agenda.  Speakers may also submit a written version of their comments in addition to or in lieu of speaking, which will be provided to the County Board Supervisors.

To request a public comment-appearance, please fill out the form below, which will be emailed to the Rock County Clerk. Speakers appearing remotely, will need to provide the phone number they are calling from or their Zoom username (usually email address) so they can be unmuted when their name is called.

Deadline to Submit is Noon the Day of Meeting. 
Meeting Appearances Are Limited to 2 Minutes.
Under the Wisconsin Public Records Act information submitted in this form may be released to the public.

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