The Public Works Committee has policy supervision over the Public Work Department, which includes the highway, parks and motor pool operations.  The Committee will, from time-to-time, operate as the County Highway Committee with such powers and duties conferred by State law and County Board policy.

Members Term Expires
Rick Richard, Chair April 21, 2022
Mary Mawhinney, Vice Chair April 21, 2022
Mike Mulligan April 21, 2022
Yuri Rashkin April 21, 2022
Bob Yeomans April 21, 2022
Parks Advisory Committee Members
Term Expires
Tom Presny June 30, 2021
Dean Paynter June 30, 2022
Floyd Finney June 30, 2021




Highway - 4th Tuesday - 8:00 AM
Parks - 2nd Tuesday - 8:00 AM