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There are many types of human coronavirus, such as MERS and SARS. The new and rapidly evolving coronavirus is called coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This new coronavirus was first found in Wuhan, China.

If you have questions about symptoms you may have, exposure to people who traveled or had coronavirus, or the need for testing, please contact your health care provider.

What Rock County Public Health Department is Doing

Our team has been receiving regular updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) since January. As a Public Health Department, we have emergency preparedness plans, including a pandemic plan, that are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that we are prepared to respond to public health emergencies. Here are some key things that we have been doing to keep people safe and healthy:

  • Monitoring patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. When we receive confirmation of a positive case, our team is in contact with the patient to ensure proper isolation procedures, obtain contact information, monitor symptoms, and determine when isolation can be discontinued.
  • Monitoring people who may have come in contact with someone who has coronavirus. We follow standard communicable disease contact investigation procedures to follow-up with anyone who may have come in contact with an infected person, which includes contacting them to let them know they may have been exposed, giving them information about symptoms to watch for, and making sure they quarantine or isolate themselves if they meet certain risk criteria.
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest information and guidance. Since coronavirus guidance is constantly changing, we attend webinars and receive regular updates from the Wisconsin DHS and the CDC.
  • Helping communities prepare, respond, cope, and recover. We have been working hard throughout this pandemic to find, create, and update resources for businesses, organizations, schools, individuals, and families to help our community during this time.
  • Providing accurate, up-to-date information. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest information.

Rock County Public Health Department Disease Investigation Process

When a Rock County resident tests positive for any infectious disease, including COVID-19, the Rock County Public Health Department’s nurses start investigating by verifying with the medical provider who ordered the test that it is indeed a positive and that they have communicated the results to the patient. The nurse will then contact the patient and obtain information on close contacts. If the patient is in home-isolation they will be provided with guidance on home-isolation practices. Close contacts of the person who tested positive, within the time period that they may have been contagious, will also be contacted and provided with guidance on home quarantine practices. RCPHD nurses will stay in contact with confirmed cases of COVID- 19 until it is decided that it is safe that they discontinue isolation. The timeline for discontinuing isolation is going to be different for each individual depending on many factors. Every situation will be assessed and guidance will be provided to that individual from their medical provider and RCPHD staff. Even after discontinuing isolation, all residents are expected to comply with any state orders and social distancing recommendations.

Isolation versus Quarantine

The difference between isolation and quarantine has to do with whether or not the individual has confirmed disease. Anyone that is a confirmed case must be isolated. Anyone that has a known exposure to a positive case, or is awaiting test results is quarantined. If a quarantined individual is tested and confirmed to have disease, they would then be in isolation. Very often these two terms are used interchangeable; which is not accurate and can cause confusion. For more information please visit: and