cops bobbers 1The Rock County Sheriff's Office has teamed up with the Cops and Kids Foundation to offer the Cops and Bobbers fishing program.

The Cops and Kids foundation is an area nonprofit organization whose programs and services provide law enforcement with the tools necessary to implement award winning community service.

The primary goal of the Cops and Bobbers program is to teach kids how to fish. The goal of Cops and Bobbers is to get kids hooked on fishing rather than drugs and crime. Kids will get to interact with local cops and form a positive and everlasting relationship.

In 2019, 44 kids got the chance to participate in the Cops and Bobbers fishing program thanks to great community support. The Sheriff's Office plans to continue this program offering three events throughout the summer season.  

Who Can Participate?

There are 25 available spots per event for kids 7 years of age or older. Parents or guardians of kids interested in participating should complete the online registration form.

Kids participating in the event will receive an event t-shirt at the time of registration. Life jackets and fishing supplies will be provided for use during the event. Lunch will also be provided to participating kids, family, and volunteers.

If you have questions concerning eligibility, registration or you wish to volunteer, please contact Deputy Cisneros, at 608-757-7941 or Deputy Berberich, at 608-373-3816.


How Can I Become a Sponsor?

  • The Sheriff's Office would love to partner with local businesses to reach out to local youth in the community.
  • Sponsorships will give local children a chance to learn a positive and rewarding activity, such as fishing. We hope you will join us to help make our community a better place!

Why Sponsor?

  • cops bobbers 4As a primary sponsor your logo/name will receive priority placement on all Cops and Bobbers materials including: T-shirts, equipment, and gift bags. You can also provide company banners, which can be displayed upon request.
  • Participants receive gifts bags at each Cops and Bobbers event. Gift bag may contain small gifts, coupons, flyers, and/or catalogues from your company.
  • Cops and Bobbers works hard to garner positive media attention at our outings, they are often frequented by news and print media.
  • Should you choose to donate equipment and/or products our participants, volunteers, and parents will be able to use those items in real life experiences.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this program, please contact Deputy Cisneros, at 608-757-7941 or Deputy Berberich, at 608-373-3816.  We greatly appreciate your time and consideration.

Please check back in 2021 for upcoming events.