The Board consists of nine (9) members: three (3) County Board Supervisors and six (6) community members - specifically those possessing aviation-related expertise and experience.  The Board has policy supervision over the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport (SWRA). The Airport Board establishes airport minimum standards and policies, monitors expenditures with budget oversight, recommends and approves Capital improvements, and provides strategic guidance to the Airport Director. Additionally, they will make recommendations to the full County Board of Supervisors as part of their fiduciary responsibility. 

Members Term Expires
Supervisor Brent Fox, Chair April 2022
Supervisor Rick Richard, Vice Chair April 2022
Supervisor Dave Homan April 2022
Dick Cope December 31, 2021
Eric Baker December 31, 2021
Katie Reese December 31, 2023
Joe Quint December 31, 2023
Greg Johnson December 31, 2022
Christine Rebout December 31, 2022

3rd Monday of each month at 8:00 AM