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Service Description: This is an updated feature class detailing areas enforceable under the Rock County Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (4.201) for the purpose of the maintenance of safe and healthful conditions; to prevent and control water pollution; to protect spawning grounds, fish and aquatic life; to control building sites, placement of structures and land uses; and to preserve shore cover and natural beauty.The features contained within have been determined to be navigable waters with public access. These features extend 75' from the Ordinary High Water Mark of rivers and streams; and hydrologic areas such as lakes, ponds and flowages. These features were classified based upon historical information, Wisconsin State Statute Chapter NR 115, judgements by representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and determination from the Rock County Zoning Administrator based upon interpretation of aerial photography and physical site assessments. This dataset is effective as of 10/01/2014.Shoreland Zoning jurisdictions within incorporated municipalities may be under the jurisdiction of those municipalities. While this is the most up to date information available, Rock County assumes no liability for any inaccuracies contained herein.

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Copyright Text: Rock County Planning, Economic and Community Development.

Spatial Reference: 103453  (103453)

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